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Pass the Bomb by PowerPlay is your ultimate real-time multiplayer trivia cash game!

Our introductory offer lets you play with other people in real-time for just Rs 10 where the winner takes aall! E.g. If 3 people are playing for Rs. 10 each, the winner will win Rs 24 (game fee being 20%).

Players have to answer questions with a ticking time bomb on their heads. They have to answer quickly and correctly to pass the bomb on to the next player. A wrong answer will result in loss of life. Players have 3 limited lives to begin with and 10 seconds to answer each question

Before the game starts, we will match you with available players in real time. Each game can be played between 2 to 5 players. If we are unable to match you with an opponent, your money will be instantly refunded. 

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